Need some custom work done for your theme? We have an amazing partner who can help!

What is a Customization?

Customization can be any work you need done to the theme that is not covered by the scope of our support. In most cases, this is anything that falls outside of the options the theme offers.

How do I get started?

We’ve partnered with Codeable, one of the most reputable customization companies around that provides high quality work. Simply fill out the form to get a direct response.

Our partners

We work with Codeable who offers amazing customization services. They are equipped to handle anything you need that is considered a customization job, both large and small jobs.

Our Partner

Codeable takes on all types of jobs, simply fill out the below form and get a direct quote from them to save time.

Please Note: Laborator is not responsible for any work that is done by our partner. However, we trust that our partner will deliver incredible work.