Top Fastest WooCommerce Themes

10 Fastest WooCommerce Themes to Build Your Online Store

If you’re already into this article, we believe you know how important it is to have a fast-loading website. If you don’t, here’s an interesting fact: Google has been considering Page speed a ranking factor since 2010, and that’s no coincidence. Your online store’s speed plays an important role in your rankings and visitors’ overall user experience.

To build a fast-loading online store, you need to have a fast WooCommerce theme. Don’t worry; we’ve got you. Let us introduce you to some of the fastest WooCommerce themes you can find today.


What Makes a WordPress Theme Fast?

For particular WordPress themes to be faster than the others, they must have some features. Here are some of them.

Responsive design. If your theme has a responsive design, it will automatically load your website depending on your visitor’s screen, making it unnecessary to load two separate versions, which would slow your website’s loading speed.

Lightweight. A lightweight code means your site has to carry less weight while loading. It’s as simple as that.

Asynchronous CSS and Javascript loading. While CSS and Javascript files are necessary to give your site an interactive look, they may often slow down your website. These files load in two ways: synchronously or asynchronously. Asynchronous loading lets multiple files load immediately; thus, spreading up your website’s performance.

Gzip compression. Gzip compression compresses HTTP content before serving it to the client. This process may shrink files up to 80% and highly improve page load time. The process also decreases bandwidth consumption and reduces SSL overhead, ensuring an overall faster browsing experience.

Reduced HTTP requests. When someone visits your website, their browser has to request multiple files. These HTTP requests directly impact your website’s loading speed. As a rule of thumb, fewer HTTP requests result in a faster loading speed. You can reduce these requests by deleting unnecessary images, reducing image size, or minifying CSS and JavaScript files.


Top 10 Fastest Woocommerce Themes in the Market

If you’re wondering what is the fastest WordPress WooCommerce theme, keep reading and find out our top 10 choices that will make your online store load in no time.



fastestwoocommerce botiga theme
fastestwoocommerce botiga theme mobile

Botiga is a clean and highly customizable WooCommerce theme that helps you get your online business up and running in no time. This WooCommerce theme is optimized for the block editor, giving you the freedom to decide how every detail of your online store looks.

Botiga comes packed with three gallery styles, allowing you to choose your favorite way of showcasing your product. Moreover, this theme includes the Product Search, a more than welcomed feature that helps visitors quickly find their product.

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fastestwoocommerce aurum theme
fastestwoocommerce aurum theme mobile

Aurum is a minimalist WooCommerce theme that you can use for various online stores, including boutiques, bookstores, jewelry, and other niches. This fast WooCommerce theme is responsive and retina-ready, making your work perfectly on any device.

SEO optimization is highly essential if you want to have organic reach. That is why Aurum is SEO-optimized with the latest web technologies and will help your website rank better in search engines.

Aurum has no bulky script to slow down your website, and the lazy loading features let your website load all elements while scrolling–which significantly adds to the page speed.

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fastestwoocommerce kalium theme
fastestwoocommerce kalium theme mobile

Kalium is a visually stunning WordPress theme packed with rich theme options, numerous layout designs, and drag and drop compatibility – all essential if you want to showcase your work in the best way possible. Kalium is one of the fastest WooCommerce themes in the market, trusted by over 41,000 professionals, agencies, businesses across all industries.

Thanks to its unlimited page options, Kalium lets you easily customize every part of your theme. Another feature we can’t forget to mention is its high-quality code, which makes this theme work on high-speed performance.

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fastestwoocommerce oxygen theme
fastestwoocommerce oxygen theme mobile

If you’re looking to give oxygen to your online shop, this might be the right theme for you. Oxygen is minimalistic, translatable, and responsive, so it works perfectly with any device of any size. The theme makes the fastest WooCommerce themes list thanks to its lightweight code and a fast load of website elements.

Oxygen is built with Bootstrap, one of the most famous frameworks. Moreover, this WooCommerce theme supports two plugins that allow your customers to add items to the wishlist basket. Last but not least, Oxygen supports more than 700 Google Fonts so that you can fully match your site to your brand.

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fastestwoocommerce kadence theme
fastestwoocommerce kadence theme mobile

Kadence lets you build beautiful and lightning-fast websites filled with features that will give your visitors a remarkable user experience. Numbers speak for themselves, as more than 200,000 use this theme to power their websites.

Kadence is fully compatible with all the popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Gutenberg. On top of that, Kadence includes beautiful social icons which you can place anywhere in your header.

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fastestwoocommerce woostify theme
fastestwoocommerce woostify theme mobile

Woostify is a beautifully-designed and fast WooCommerce theme, two features that play a major role in better conversion rates. This theme is lightweight, which is why your website will have one of the fastest loading times.

Woostify comes packed with numerous great features like Product Page Styles, Listing Layout, and Multi-step Checkout. Moreover, this fast WordPress theme offers a live customizer through which you can see real-time changes you make to your site.

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fastestwoocommerce shoptimizer theme
fastestwoocommerce shoptimizer theme mobile

Speed is an essential feature that impacts a website’s overall user experience; that’s why you should pay great attention to it. With Shoptimizer, you won’t have any problem because this theme is blazingly fast, and your site will load in no time.

Shoptimizer, one of the fastest WooCommere themes is designed for conversions. The theme itself will help your store multiply its success without spending extra time and money on traffic acquisition.

Other great features of this WooCommerce theme include SEO optimization, auto-complete search, and sticky CTA buttons.

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fastestwoocommerce jupiter theme
fastestwoocommerce jupiter theme mobile

Jupiter is an advanced WooCommerce theme packed with exclusive features like shop customization, sales funnel builder, and checkout optimizer. People seem to love this theme; that’s why it has more than 160,000 downloads and a 4.8 out of 5 ratings.

This fast WooCommerce theme comes packed with more than 200 ready-made sections and pages, giving you endless possibilities to customize your site. Moreover, Jupiter offers lifetime free updates, which is always great to have.

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fastestwoocommerce generatepress theme
fastestwoocommerce generatepress theme mobile

If you’re in the market for stable, lightweight, and fast WooCommerce themes, GeneratePress might be the best option for you. Thanks to its free and open-source code, this theme prioritizes the essential features so your website runs smoothly.

The secret behind this theme’s speed hides behind its lightweight. With only a 7.5 kb page size, 2 HTTP requests, and no dependencies, GeneratePress ensures your site loads in no time. Moreover, if you need any help, their support is also fast and flexible.

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fastestwoocommerce storefront theme
fastestwoocommerce storefront theme mobile

Storefront is an intuitive and flexible WooCommerce theme that will serve as the perfect starting point for your next online store. With a highly-responsive design, this theme ensures that your website doesn’t lose its charm on any device. With a 97% performance score on GTmetrix, it is no surprise that Storefront makes the fastest WooCommerce themes list.

Storefront includes both pricing tables and reviews, making your website as reliable as it can get. Moreover, this fast WooCommerce theme is highly customizable, allowing you to craft every detail of your site. Oh, did we mention it’s free?

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Wrapping Up

This wraps our list of the top 10 fastest WooCommerce themes you can find in the market. Each of them has its own unique features, and there isn’t a single theme we don’t believe will leave you satisfied. All there’s left for you is to pick your favorite and start building a dreamy online store.

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