Best Full Site Editing (FSE) WordPress Themes

2024’s Top 10 WordPress Site Editor Themes (FSE)

WordPress is the most famous website-building platform, and as such, it keeps moving towards modern ways to ensure its users have more and more freedom to customize their websites. The newest WordPress release on this matter is called Full Site Editing (FSE) and recently changed to Site Editing.

Don’t know much about it? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. FSE is out for only a couple of months, and even though it keeps improving every day, there are a few things you should know. Keep reading to find out about them.


What Are Site Editor WordPress Themes?

Full site editing (FSE for short) WordPress themes include a collection of features that focus on styling blocks and using them for all parts of the website, instead of only the content areas. This helps empower users and give them new customization possibilities for website parts that used to be editable only by using code.

Full site editing is a collective term for numerous new WP features, including:

  • Template editing. This lets you customize post and page design.
  • Site editing. You can change your blog, archives, or even your site header and footer design.
  • Styles interface. You can add your own typography, color palettes, and change spacing.


Advantages of Editor WordPress Themes

While themes customizers still offer endless customization options, editor WordPress themes take customizing your website to a whole new level. Some of their main advantages are:

  • Editing and posting templates through the template editor;
  • Creating, previewing, and editing templates through the site editor;
  • Combining blocks that can form into templates;
  • Including new blocks like site logo or site title for building the site.


Best WordPress Site Editor Themes for 2024

Now that you know the basis of WordPress full site editing themes, let us introduce you to the best FSE themes you can find in the market.



fullsiteediting pria theme
fullsiteediting pria theme mobile

Pria is a full site editing theme packed with various block styles and patterns that help bloggers share their thoughts in style. Thanks to its dedicated CTA button, this theme allows your visitors to quickly get in touch with you directly from your website.

Pria comes with a minimalistic design, allowing you to share the most important details of your site. Moreover, this full site editing theme has social media integration, so you can be in touch with your readers on various platforms.

More Info - DownloadDemo



fullsiteediting tove theme
fullsiteediting tove theme mobile

Tove is a colorful full site editing theme with more than 40 different prebuilt layouts that help you get started. Weighing only 200 kilobytes, this theme is extremely lightweight and will make your website load in a second.

Being a full site editing theme, Tove allows you to change your header and footer layouts, create custom page templates, and modify your blog structure. Moreover, Tove includes opening hours information and CTA for bookings, perfect for cafes and restaurants websites.

More Info - DownloadDemo



fullsiteediting aino theme
fullsiteediting aino theme mobile

If you’re looking to build stunning and lightning-fast websites, Aino has everything you need. This WordPress theme is fully WooCommerce compatible, allowing you to create high-quality online stores and sell like a pro.

Aino includes an extensive pattern library through which you can create advanced page layouts by simply dragging and dropping patterns with one click. Moreover, Aino pays great attention to details, and you can build creative page layouts through the responsive Grid item blocks.

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fullsiteediting blockbase theme
fullsiteediting blockbase theme mobile

Starting a website from scratch can often be daunting, but Blockbase makes everything easier, making you enjoy the process. This full site editing theme has a simple design and relies on simple fonts, giving your website a clean and minimalistic look.

Blockbase offers several preset palettes that fit perfectly with the theme; however, you can choose your own custom palette and design the site your own way. Last but not least, you can display your brand’s logo in your site’s header.

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fullsiteediting clove theme
fullsiteediting clove theme mobile

Clove is a versatile editor WordPress theme packed with many templates and design settings that help artists creatively showcase their work. This theme includes essential features that users find helpful, like pricing, social media channels, and contact.

Clove is WooCommerce compatible, meaning you can build your dream store and start selling your products. Additionally, this full site editing theme lets you add user testimonials, which is always great if you want to look more trustworthy.

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fullsiteediting makoney theme
fullsiteediting makoney theme mobile

Makoney is a full site editing theme perfect for magazines and blogs. One of the most significant advantages of this theme is that it lets you customize any part of your website without needing a page builder plugin.

Makoney includes the About, Contact, and Search page. These features have their own page patterns, which you can easily reuse on any other page. Moreover, its editor lets you customize all parts of your website, including headers and footers.

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Twenty Twenty Four

fullsiteediting twentytwentyfour theme

Twenty Twenty Four is a flexible full site editing theme ready to help you make websites that succeed. With a variety of page templates, headers, and footers, you can customize everything and make this theme your own.

This editor WordPress theme includes a wide range of color schemes, so matching your website with your brand will be no issue. Moreover, you can also use your favorite fonts. All we can say is we hope the year 2024 turns out to be as great as this theme is.

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fullsiteediting bai theme
fullsiteediting bai theme mobile

Bai is a block-based WordPress theme that supports full site editing. This theme comes packed with minimal templates that give your site a clean and captivating look. Dark mode lovers, we have great news: Bai includes a dark mode that you can easily turn on or off.

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to raise your organic reach; that’s why Bai includes eye-catching blog layouts that let you creatively share your thoughts.

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fullsiteediting kiyono theme
fullsiteediting kiyono theme mobile

Kiyono is an accessibility-ready theme that helps you create top-notch websites and improve your visitors’ user experience. Packed with five block patterns, this full site editing theme lets you quickly set up your web page by using your favorite predefined layout patterns.

If you want to customize your website, this theme gives you the full freedom to do that. You can decide the text size, keep or remove animations, or even show or hide the search icon.

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fullsiteediting frost theme
fullsiteediting frost theme mobile

Frost is one of the best FSE themes packed with innovative features that revolutionize site-building and media-rich content publishing. Being intuitive and easy to use, Frost lets you build sophisticated mobile-friendly websites in just a few minutes.

Frost is beautifully-designed and includes many essential sections like portfolio, Call-to-Actions, and testimonials. On top of that, being compatible with the WordPress block editor, this full site editing theme gives you complete freedom to customize your site.

More Info - DownloadDemo


Final Thoughts

While full site editing is still not in its final phase, it definitely seems promising, and we suggest you start using it and see its full potential. This WordPress feature could change the way we customize our websites, and it’s a skill you could benefit a lot from in the future.

Your next step is to pick a full site editing theme and enjoy its features. All of the themes we mentioned are excellent and will do a great job providing you with endless customization possibilities.

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