Best Bootstrap Admin Templates

12 Best Bootstrap Admin Templates (2024)

The appearance of your front-end pages is highly essential. However, you shouldn’t neglect the importance of dashboards and admin templates for your app or websites. Unfortunately, building such dashboards can often take a lot of time. Thankfully, Bootstrap admin templates make everything easier by simplifying this process.

These bootstrap admin templates collection contains some of the best templates in the market that will help you create top-notch user interfaces.


3 Reasons to Invest in a Bootstrap Admin Template

Having a bootstrap admin theme will give you numerous benefits. Here are three of the reasons we can’t go by without mentioning.


Maintain website without coding experience

Don’t think you can’t use bootstrap templates because you don’t have advanced coding knowledge. Bootstrap admin templates eliminate the majority of the coding part, making it easy to maintain tasks for developers who are still in their coding beginnings.


Easy and fast to customize the website

When it comes to customizable templates, Bootstrap is a king. From layout to colors, Bootstrap offers you endless possibilities when choosing your website’s look. However, keep in mind that sometimes too much customization can make things worse. Therefore, only customize your template as much as you need it.


Mobile-first features

Bootstrap has a strategy keeping mobiles before desktops, giving you a better look and feel on your smartphone. Since many people prefer being connected on the go through their smartphones, this feature is highly essential.


12 Premium Bootstrap Admin Templates

Now that you know why you should have a bootstrap admin template, let’s take a look at the best ones you can find.



bootstrap xenon theme
bootstrap xenon theme mobile

Xenon is a lightweight and responsive bootstrap admin theme containing numerous UI components and layout that helps you build a customized version of the theme. This theme is responsive and retina-ready, meaning that it works perfectly with any device or size.

Xenon includes a Skin Generator that allows you to select a skin from the pre-defined sidebar or generate your own.

Moreover, this theme is touch-optimized, and users can swipe to view all the items. Amongst other features, this theme has a calendar, maps, and invoice integration.

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Neon Admin Template
bootstrap neon theme mobile

Neon is a multipurpose flat admin template with more than 112 HTML files that offer you numerous layout options and resources. This theme has an admin dashboard, a front-end template, and no less than nine skin colors for you to choose from.

Another valuable feature of Neon is its Data Tables which allow you to export data in Excel, CSV, and PDF. Moreover, this theme includes a user timeline that shows user activity throughout various periods.

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bootstrap metronic theme
bootstrap metronic theme mobile

Metronic is a Bootstrap admin dashboard theme with unique features like store analytics, logistics dashboard, and 27 authentication pages. This template is very straightforward to customize, and its layout designs are a wonder!

Metronic is mobile-ready and ultra-responsive on any device it’s visited. Additionally, you can easily make it captivating even if you don’t have any design skills. As far as speed is concerned, Metronic has blazingly fast pages.

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bootstrap vuexy theme
bootstrap vuexy theme mobile

If you’re looking to build stunning apps, Vuexy’s got everything you need. This is one of the most friendly and highly customizable admin dashboard templates ever, and its unique features like fuzzy search bookmarks and dark layouts make it stand out from the rest.

Vuexy is ultra-responsive on any device, and its highly customizable dashboard UI kit is based on the atomic design system. Moreover, Vuexy provides numerous stunning layout options for you to choose from, including bordered, dark, and collapsed layouts.

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bootstrap fuse theme
bootstrap fuse theme mobile

Fuse is an angular admin template with well-crafted features that help you quickly create an application. It comes with numerous pre-made templates and content layouts that you can use to build apps and pages.

Fuse has a flexible structure and allows you to set different template layouts for different routes. Moreover, it comes packed with valuable learning sources that teach you advanced angular techniques and application building tips.

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bootstrap adminkit theme
bootstrap adminkit theme mobile

AdminKit is a professional UI component library that is based on Bootstrap. This library offers hundreds of UI components, forms, tables, charts, pages, and icons to help you create your next Bootstrap-based project even faster than before. AdminKit is flexible and can be used to create a wide range of web applications, such as SaaS-based interfaces, administrator dashboards, crypto applications, and ecommerce applications.

With AdminKit, you get access to 10+ pre-configured plugins, 45+ example pages, 3 color schemes, and dark mode support. The plugins are diverse, ranging from WYSIWYG editors, toast notifications, calendars, advanced tables, date and time pickers, all of which work seamlessly together, ensuring a smooth development experience.

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bootstrap oneui theme
bootstrap oneui theme mobile

OneUI follows the best practices and technologies to help you build fast and reliable web applications and websites that look beautiful on every device. Its layout is lightweight, easy to use, and works perfectly for all kinds of pages.

We know how much you love dark mode, and OneUI features a great-looking one that fits great with color themes and example pages. Moreover, thanks to the GPU-powered sidebar animations, your mobile and desktop users will be having a super-fast experience in your web or app.

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Sneat Pro

bootstrap sneat pro
bootstrap sneat pro mobile

Sneat Pro is one of the most developer-friendly templates based on Bootstrap 5. If you’re a developer looking for a Bootstrap 5 admin template which is highly customizable then Sneat Pro is definitely a theme you should check.

Offering ultimate convenience and flexibility, you’ll be able to build applications you want without any hassle. Furthermore, you can use this template to create eye-catching, high-quality, and high-performing single-page applications. Besides, your apps will be completely responsive, ensuring they’ll look stunning and function flawlessly on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

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bootstrap huro theme
bootstrap huro theme mobile

Huro is a multipurpose admin and webapp UI kit that comes packed with more than 200 prebuilt pages and 15 master layouts for you to choose from. It’s built with HTML 5, Gulp, and Bulma framework, which is lightweight and straightforward to use.

Huro is based on Flexbox, natively fit for mobile and tablets, so you can have an idea about how responsive it is. Moreover, this UI kit is powered by Gulpjs, a task runner package that improves your developing experience by handling various tasks.

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bootstrap vuero theme
bootstrap vuero theme mobile

Meet Vuero, a multipurpose admin and webapp UI kit that comes packed with an incredible and modern design. This hybrid design system provides ready-made pages, so you can effortlessly start building your new application.

From dashboards to components, Vuero has all you need. It features 230 demo pages and easily ships into an admin/webapp UI which you can use in other platforms or custom projects. Lastly, Vuero is super-responsive because it’s based on Flexbox, a native fit for tablets and mobiles.

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bootstrap pages theme
bootstrap pages theme mobile

This admin dashboard template serves as a simple way to build a web UI for your app. Pages uses the most advanced type system in a UI framework. This system is specifically designed for user interfaces that focus on the high legibility of small-to-medium-sized text.

Moreover, Pages allow you to easily calibrate your color palette. By equipping its colors with a set of modifiers, this template gives you complete freedom in deciding how your colors should apply and adapt.

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bootstrap cork theme
bootstrap cork theme mobile

Cork is a responsive admin dashboard template that uses an easy-understandable, clean, and structured code. This template is compatible with some of the most known browsers, including Chrome, Opera, Edge, and Safari.

Cork comes with numerous working JavaScript apps that help you easily build back-end applications. Moreover, the admin theme is packed with a collection of ready-made demos, which you can simply select and start working with them.

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To Wrap Up

These were the best Bootstrap premium admin templates that made our top 10, and all of them are excellent when it comes to design, performance, and ease of use. We have no doubt that whichever you choose, you’ll be happy with your decision.

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