Fastest Shopify Themes

10 Fastest Shopify Themes For Your Online Store

Time is money, and the sooner your online shop adopts this quote, the better your online conversions will be. In the fast-paced world we live in, no one likes to waste time, especially when buying something online.

With this in mind, don’t forget that your next Shopify theme should have one of the most critical features a theme can have: speed. Opting for the fastest Shopify theme will be the key to converting more visitors to customers.


Why Does Speed Matter in a Shopify Theme?

According to Google, more than half of the website visits are abandoned if the site takes more than three seconds to load. Moreover, site speed is one of the main factors that impact Google rankings, user experience, and conversion rate.


What Makes a Shopify Theme Fast?

The main component that makes Shopify themes fast is their weight. If a theme has less code and fewer CSS files, devices have less to download and process during loading time. Moreover, themes with less javascript tend to load faster as browsers don’t have to overwork to display a page.


Top 10 Fastest Shopify Themes in the Market

We did our best to come up with the top 10 fastest Shopify themes in the market. Ready to learn more about them? Let’s dive in!



fastestshopify spark theme
fastestshopify spark theme mobile

Spark is a fast Shopify theme that perfectly suits direct-to-consumer brands and first-time merchants. It comes with a bold visual style, and its beautifully-designed templates will truly make your website spark.

This fast-loading Shopify theme is mobile-friendly and supports various languages and currencies, ensuring a smooth user experience for worldwide visitors. Moreover, Spark comes with a customizable contact form, so visitors can easily get in touch with you.

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fastestshopify streamline theme
fastestshopify streamline theme mobile

Streamline is an eye-catching theme that quickly grasps your visitors’ attention. This Shopify theme is excellent for high-volume online stores that deal with clothing, accessories, health, and sports products.

Its 91% performance score on GTmetrix earns her the title of being one of the fastest Shopify themes.

Streamline offers everything you need to succeed, including product sales points, multiple landing pages, and collection templates. On top of that, this Shopify theme includes scrolling text animations and video integration, making you stand out from the crowd.

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fastestshopify minimog theme
fastestshopify minimog theme mobile

Minimog is a high-converting and extensible Shopify theme that helps you set up your online store in no time. With a broad spectrum of ready-made demos, this Shopify theme is suitable for any industry.

This theme is blazingly fast, and numbers confirm it. It has a 99% score in GTmetrix and a 96 score in Google Page Speed. Additionally, Minimog is SEO-friendly, helping you drive high organic traffic to your online store.

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fastestshopify avone theme
fastestshopify avone theme mobile

If you’re looking for a multipurpose Shopify theme to build various online stores, Aone has all the answers you need. This theme has numerous high-quality and three landing pages dedicated to raising conversions. It made our list today as it is one of the fastest Shopify themes in the market.

Avone is highly customizable, giving you more than 1000 options to customize layouts, headers, footers, and much more so you can fully match your store to your brand. Moreover, you can set unlimited filter options, allowing your buyers to search for specific products easily.

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fastestshopify glossier theme
fastestshopify glossier theme mobile

Glossier is a multipurpose Shopify theme that helps fashion, cosmetics, and online spa stores to raise their conversions. Packed with a fully responsive design, Glossier will look marvelous on every device.

This fast-loading Shopify theme is SEO friendly, helping your online store rank higher in search results. Moreover, Glossier offers captivating blog layouts where you can share your thoughts and raise organic traffic.

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fastestshopify roxxe theme
fastestshopify roxxe theme mobile

Roxxe is one of the fastest Shopify themes, which comes packed with numerous beautifully-designed templates to help you build perfect online stores for any niche. With a quick and easy setup, your digital store will be ready in just a few minutes.

One of Roxxe’s best features is its fully responsive design that makes your online store look great on any size screen. On top of that, Roxxe seamlessly integrates with Email Collection Bar, Quick Announcement Bar, and Free Shipping Bar Application.

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fastestshopify ella theme
fastestshopify ella theme mobile

Meet Ella, an all-in-one Shopify template packed with multiple layouts that let you build awesome online stores for any niche. Thanks to its incredible UI/UX and mobile-friendly design, your visitors will enjoy a smooth user experience. Besides, Ella tops the list of the fastest Shopify themes as it has a 99% score on GTmetrix.

Another unique feature of Ella is the Frequently Bought Together feature, which tells buyers what combinations others have been making. Additionally, this theme notifies when one of your products is out of stock.

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fastestshopify warehouse theme
fastestshopify warehouse theme mobile

Warehouse is designed to display many products while still giving your users a pleasant browsing experience. It comes packed with highly versatile settings that give you the power to display your products and content uniquely.

Warehouse is optimized for performance, and thanks to its high-quality code, this Shopify theme is fast right out of the box. Other Warehouse features include In-menu promotions, Product Reviews, and shipping/delivery information.

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fastestshopify focal theme
fastestshopify focal theme mobile

This bold grid-style theme is perfect for creatively showcasing your clothing, accessories, and electronic products. With endless customization options like color sections and elegant animations, Focal allows you to adapt to your brand fully.

Focal uses drag-and-drop sections that let you build custom pages without any coding knowledge. Additionally, this Shopify theme comes packed with flexible and beautifully-designed blocks for product images and videos.

Focal ensures a fast browsing experience as its code is built following Shopify’s speed performance standards.

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fastestshopify pacific theme
fastestshopify pacific theme mobile

Pacific is an expansive Shopify theme that helps large inventory stores sell their products online like a pro. This theme is great for hardware, automotive, and sports products stores.

Pacific makes it easy for users to discover your products through the multi-column menu and site-wide promotion titles, thanks to its stellar navigation. On top of that, Pacific supports product filtering and sorting that enhances your visitors’ search experience.

Besides, Pacific joins the fastest Shopify themes list as it enjoys a 93% performance score on GTmetrix.

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To Wrap Up

This ends our article on the best fast-loading Shopify themes you can find in the market. We’re sure that by now, you know the important role that speeds play on your site, and it’s a feature you’ll be looking for when choosing your next theme. We also believe that you should build your future eCommerce website with one of the above themes. They all rock!

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