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Top 16 Webflow Templates You Can Use in 2024

Building and designing a website is the first step towards having a significant web presence, especially with people spending more time on the internet. A smooth and responsive website guarantees an abundance of visitors and provides a pleasant experience for people interested in your product or service.

The spectrum of web development ranges from very technical building processes to less technical and more visual, with something for people of all levels of abilities. There are plenty of platforms specialized in building and designing wonderful websites effortlessly, and one with extensive flexibility and ease of use is Webflow.

This article will teach you all you need to know about Webflow and some of its most excellent themes!


Advantages of Using Webflow to Build Your Website

Webflow has plenty of perks and benefits that make it a great choice for building a good-looking website, with some of those being:

Advanced design functionality – Although Webflow can be used by people with no prior coding experience, it also has some advanced functionalities that allow seasoned developers to express their proficiency and creativity. Webflow’s visual canvas embraces the complexities of coding and allows unlimited customizing.

Client-facing CMS – Webflow’s CMS allows users to structure and design their layouts without any coding whatsoever. It is powerful and flexible, giving clients the option to edit and update the site as they need in a straightforward and intuitive fashion.

SEO-optimized code – With Webflow, you can optimize a website’s SEO with high-performance hosting and flexible content management tools. Your website will appear in people’s searches in no time and give you all the traffic you need.

No need for plugins – Webflow gives you all the power you need without having to install and add plugins to your theme. This saves you valuable time, makes the site lightweight, and allows you to begin editing a site immediately.


16 Best Webflow Templates in 2024

Below you’ll find some of the best hand-picked Webflow templates available.



webflow tacos theme
webflow tacos theme mobile

Tacos is one of the best Webflow premium templates used for restaurants, cafes, food trucks, and anything food-related. It’s colorful and creative, giving your website an original look and your visitors a fun experience.

Some of Tacos’ most outstanding features are easy menu management, powerful CMS, and mobile-adaptive design. These all work together to give customers a smooth user experience and a taste of delicious foods and fresh drinks.

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webflow aurora theme
webflow aurora theme mobile

Made for software and mobile apps, Aurora has a unique and responsive design built to showcase your product to the fullest. It has quirky forms and elements to make you stand out from the competition, built by a professional team known for their outstanding Webflow templates.

Aurora’s features include smooth transitions and animations, coupled with modern visuals both in light and dark mode. The CSS grid will help you reposition and resize any item on the layout and make your website easily navigable.

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webflow otis theme
webflow otis theme mobile

Otis is a smooth Webflow template mainly used by agencies. It provides a great user experience across any device or screen size, giving customers the opportunity to browse from anywhere.

Otis has plenty of features, with some of them being header options, project pages, contact forms, and complete customizability. It has a powerful CMS structure that lets you edit the site effortlessly and comes with copyright-free images that help make your website great-looking.

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Luma (Free)

webflow luma theme
webflow luma theme mobile

Luma is one of the best Webflow templates when it comes to retail store websites, providing a modern and minimal design. All the customization options offered by this template will catch the eye of all customers and make your products distinct.

Luma is CMS and e-commerce ready, with all the pre-made pages you need to start a website. It has a responsive design, and it’s easy to navigate while looking good on all types of devices.

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webflow crop theme
webflow crop theme mobile

When it comes to showcasing a portfolio full of beautiful photographs and videos, you won’t go wrong with Crop. It’s a sleek Webflow template that’ll make all you capture look fantastic.

It has a configured CMS structure that is all prepared and ready to go. With smooth animations, global swatches, and style guides, you’ll never run out of customizations and will always have a good-looking website on your hands.

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webflow 88settle theme
webflow 88settle theme mobile

88settle is an excellent Webflow template for real estate websites that lets you exhibit all your agency provides.

It’s got an elegant and professional look that offers visitors all the information they need. 88settle has one of the best user experiences, includes colorful customization options, and contains reusable elements and symbols to make your website look lively.

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webflow mirai theme
webflow mirai theme mobile

If you have something to show in your portfolio, you also need a magnificent design to compliment your work, and Mirai is a great choice to go with. As a portfolio Webflow template, Mirai has high performance and is fully responsive, offering both you and your customers a great experience.

Some of Mirai’s features are CMS structure, global swatches, and smooth animations, all combined to give you creative tools for your building process.

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webflow kurt theme
webflow kurt theme mobile

Kurt is an agency Webflow template with a black & white color palette to give your website a classy and mesmerizing look.

It comes with all sorts of unique ready-made pages and blocks that help you build a website in a short time. The template gives a lot of attention to typography and fonts, all the while making the user experience feel smooth and pleasant.

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webflow matter theme
webflow matter theme mobile

Matter is an astonishing Webflow template used by magazines and publishers to showcase your products and merchandise.

With Matter, you can set prices and sell merchandise using Webflow E-Commerce. With 15 pre-made page layouts, you’ll also be able to change the styling of your website as often as you want. It’s fully responsive and will make your customers want to come back all the time.

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Fitnesso (Free)

webflow fitnesso theme
webflow fitnesso theme mobile

With Fitnesso, you can create a unique Webflow template used by fitness coaches who offer their resources and courses to their clients. It’s a great e-commerce option that helps both coaches and people connect easily with each other.

Fitnesso offers guides for fonts, colors, and images so you can edit your content quickly and effortlessly. It’s optimized for SEO and has a modular design that is responsive on all types of devices.

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webflow maple theme
webflow maple theme mobile

If you want the word about your startup to spread around quickly, using Maple won’t harm you at all. As a Webflow template specifically built for showcasing new and upcoming products, Maple will make your website stand out and get traffic in the blink of an eye.

Maple has ready-made designs for all your needs, such as landing pages, pricing pages, blogs, sign-ups, sign-ins, etc. It’s super fast and responsive, with all the trendy looks that a website needs in today’s online world.

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webflow outdo theme
webflow outdo theme mobile

Outdo is an exceptional agency template focused on bringing more visitors and turning them into future clients. It has a modern look, convenient elements, and beautiful forms, giving developers something amazing to work with.

It contains a Style Guide page, ready-to-use assets, and utility pages, working together to customize the website and make it match your brand image.

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webflow dimora theme
webflow dimora theme mobile

Dimora is another stylish real estate Webflow template that’ll help present properties and bring clients to the table. It’s great for professional designers who will use this template’s remarkable features.

It contains information, listings, and exclusive offers pages, all bundled up in a responsive design that is navigable and easy to understand.

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webflow clutch theme
webflow clutch theme mobile

Clutch is a great e-commerce Webflow template for modern fashion stores. It’s fully customizable and can be designed to match your brand completely.

Clutch includes pre-made styles such as menus, forms, sliders, cards, footers, accordions, sticky sections, and tabs. Additionally, it offers more than 25 pages, with some of them being landing pages, shopping information, blogs and articles, checkouts, FAQs, and many others. All of these styles and pages have seamless transitions that’ll make your visitors reach the checkout page in very little time.

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webflow framy theme
webflow framy theme mobile

Framy is another exceptional fashion template with a high-quality design and a smooth shopping experience. Its fonts, colors, titles, images, and structures are fully customizable and responsive on all devices.

With Framy you’ll get a mega menu, elegant popups, an urgent announcements bar, a great Webflow CMS, and a plethora of pre-made pages. The template also offers an email collection form and upsell and cross-sale functionalities.

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Toystore (Free)

webflow toystore theme
webflow toystore theme mobile

Toystore is a great e-commerce Webflow template usable for all types of products, with a particular focus on kids’ toys. It’s wonderfully colorful and bright, making for some very eye-catching websites.

Toystore uses Webflow’s CMS to help you edit your layouts and products effortlessly. It contains landing pages, product pages, and email subscriptions to keep your clients returning. With global swatches, smooth animations, and a Style Guide, you’ll have a fully customizable website in your hands.

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The Bottom Line

Webflow is an asset for everyone that uses it. Startup companies, bloggers, fashion stores, real estate agencies, and other businesses that utilize Webflow’s features rarely change their minds in search of something else. Webflow templates have everything you need: beautiful designs, reusable styles and elements, interactions and animations, creative layouts, no need for plugins, and an endless list of other functionalities.

Just like your website needs to be innovative to be in tune with all the trends, so does Webflow upgrade its usability to match your growth and evolution. No matter what your website’s needs are, Webflow will have a perfect template to reach them, and you’ll undoubtedly be left satisfied.

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