Best Mobile App and Software WordPress Themes

Top 10 WordPress Themes For Mobile App And Software

As mobile apps have become increasingly popular, competition has also turned fierce. We use mobile applications for everything nowadays, and there’s an app for anything you can think of.

However, building an app is not the end of your work. To lead a successful app, you’ll need to find a way to showcase your app/software with a website that attracts customers and converts them into users. One excellent option is to use specialized WordPress themes for applications and software.


Top Features of a Mobile App and Software WordPress Theme

First, let us define what features a top WordPress theme for a mobile app should have.

Pricing table – Most mobile app and software WP themes have a pricing table where visitors can compare the different pricing ranges of the features within your app.

Call to action button – The call to action is crucial for a WordPress app theme as it encourages visitors to take action– most probably to download your app.

Responsive design – Since you are promoting an app that will work on mobile devices, it is logical that many people will visit your website from mobiles and tablets. For a good browsing experience, your website should be responsive for all screens.

SEO-optimized code – A WordPress mobile app and software website that is SEO friendly will appear higher in people’s searching lists, helping your website get all the traffic it needs.


Best WordPress Themes for Mobile App and Software

We’ve selected 10 of the best mobile app and software themes to help you hype up your new mobile app and give visitors all the information they need.



mobileapp sala theme
mobileapp sala theme mobile

Sala is a unique and innovative WordPress theme for mobile apps, startups, software, and IT services. It’s 100% responsive and easy to use, with no coding experience required.

Sala comes with Elementor Page Builder, giving you more than 22 demos, 90 elements, and 30 inner pages, which you can easily drag and drop to form your website. It’s entirely SEO ready to help you rank higher in searches, and the WooCommerce plugin will turn that traffic into income.

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mobileapp kalium theme
mobileapp kalium theme mobile

Kalium is one of the highest-selling multipurpose themes in WordPress. It has a super-quick design and an easy set-up process, giving you more time to create a beautiful website.

Kalium comes with plenty of pre-made landing pages, which are crucial for mobile app websites, as they greet visitors and give them information to look at. With WooCommerce compatibility, device screen adaptation, and pricing tables, your website will be responsive, high in search results, and informative.

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mobileapp engitech theme
mobileapp engitech theme mobile

Engitech is a business-oriented WordPress theme, with attention mainly given to apps and IT services. Setting up a great-looking website with Engitech is effortless thanks to its one-click imports and detailed documentation.

Engitech is SEO optimized, with easy code that allows your website to pop up higher in people’s search results. With more than 30 ready-to-go stunning layouts, sections, and homepages, all supported by the best possible plugins around, visitors will adore your website and your app in the blink of an eye.

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mobileapp foton theme
mobileapp foton theme mobile

Foton is a tech WordPress theme built for creating websites and online presentations for software and mobile apps. It comes with the remarkable WP Bakery and Elementor page builders, excellent guides to making some fantastic websites.

Foton offers easy editing and customization of tens of inner pages designed for all purposes. On top of that, this theme has pricing tables and call to action shortcodes which will compel visitors to check out your creations and come back for more.

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mobileapp saasland theme
mobileapp saasland theme mobile

Saasland is a WordPress theme for mobile apps and software with great features and design. With Saasland, you get 100% responsive websites that look incredible on all screen sizes.

Saasland has 50 demos, 450 elements, and hundreds of widgets, all working together so you can create a functional website in the blink of an eye. It also includes a pricing page and a call to action shortcode, making the promotion of your app/software the easiest part of the process.

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mobileapp stratus theme
mobileapp stratus theme mobile

Stratus is a product-showcasing and mobile app theme with a beautiful and responsive design. Although no coding experience is required to make great websites, this theme shines brightest in the hands of intuitive and creative developers.

Some of Stratus’ features include 23 demos and more than 40 Elementor widgets, all utilized to create an interactive website for your visitors. With WooCommerce and mobile screen compatibility, people will have a smooth experience as they check out your product.

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mobileapp front theme
mobileapp front theme mobile

Front is a multipurpose WordPress theme, mainly used as a theme for applications. It’s a super-fast, responsive, and elegant-looking theme that works on all devices and screen sizes.

Front comes with numerous pre-built homepages and demos to welcome your visitors with an excellent-looking design. It’s compatible with WooCommerce, and has pricing tables and call to action styles, giving all people a quicker way of finding out all the details of your app/software.

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mobileapp astra theme
mobileapp astra theme mobile

Astra is a prevalent WordPress theme with blazing fast performance. It’s a multipurpose theme used to create landing pages and websites for mobile apps, software, or tech products.

It’s compatible with popular plugins such as Elementor, BeaverBuilder, and WooCommerce to make your website snappy and practical. With the one-click importer, SEO friendliness, and accessible code, you’ll be able to set up your website and start gathering visitors in a short time.

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mobileapp itsolve theme
mobileapp itsolve theme mobile

ITSolve is a WordPress theme that focuses on making high-performance websites for mobile apps, IT businesses, software, startups, and technology. With no coding experience required and easy modification of all elements and theme options, you’ll be making tremendous websites without a drop of sweat.

ITSolve includes more than 20 demo pages and 50 inner pages, all effortlessly customizable to give you all the control over the design of your page.

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mobileapp cyberdom theme
mobileapp cyberdom theme mobile

Cyberdom is a technology and software development WordPress theme. This theme for application focuses is on e-commerce, allowing you to launch a tech store in less time.

Cyberdom has an easy-to-use admin interface, with one-click import and plenty of pre-designed demos to save time and energy. On top of all the shortcodes that make your life easier, this theme also includes pricing tables and call to action buttons which all visitors appreciate.

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Final Thoughts

Get ahead of the competition and showcase your mobile app or software with some of the best-looking WordPress themes. All the ones you need are listed above, and no matter which one you choose, you can be confident that it will help spread the word about your creation.

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