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Top 10 WordPress Forum Themes You Should Check Right Now

Are you in the process of releasing a product? If so, then you should definitely create a forum for it!

A forum is a community of active and engaged users who come online to discuss your product. As people review the product and its features, other people will be motivated to go and buy it. Forums also function as customer support: someone asks a question, you or another user answers it, and other people who later purchase the product can refer to the thread to find out the solution.


Main Features of a WordPress Forum Theme?

User profile functionality – People in the community can create a profile, log in, and edit their information while simultaneously posting questions and solutions from their accounts.

Private message system – With the private messaging feature, members can create connections with each other and get into social groups, all the while spreading the word about your product.

Responsive design – When visitors check out your forum, just as with any other website, they’ll want a smooth and fast experience, and they’re going to get it with these WordPress themes.


10 Best WordPress Forum Themes in 2023

Based on the above features and many other useful ones, here are 10 of the best forum themes in WordPress for 2023.



forum buddyboss theme
forum buddyboss theme mobile

BuddyBoss is a WordPress theme for building communities and membership sites. It’s easily customizable to match your brand’s colors, and its pre-made layouts will fit all your requirements.

BuddyBoss’ platform allows your customers to connect with one another through discussions, meetings, and social groups. To make it more interesting, this theme also includes points, badges, certificates, achievements, so people get a sense of purpose and progress. All of this can be monetized through one-time payments or monthly subscriptions.

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forum forumpress theme
forum forumpress theme mobile

ForumPress is a unique WordPress forum theme for growing support communities and effortless interaction between members. It looks great on all devices and allows limitless personalization.

This theme supports multiple forums, allowing you to conveniently manage different topics and conversations. With user profiles, people can use the platform to connect with others who share the same interests and spread the word about your company. ForumPress is SEO-friendly, 100% responsive, and translation-ready so that everybody will have a smooth experience.

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forum olympus theme
forum olympus theme mobile

Olympus is a great social networking theme, used mainly for communities and forums. It comes with Elementor and WPBakery builders and includes plenty of demos to help you set up a website in minutes.

Olympus has stunning design options to help you create a website with all the colors, fonts, and layouts you desire. You can organize and manage events in your forums while also giving the community an engaging experience with reward systems and leaderboards.

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forum cirkle theme
forum cirkle theme mobile

Cirkle is a clean and modern WordPress theme with features that your customers will love. It has numerous pre-built demos and layouts ready to be installed with one click, giving you enough time to enhance your website.

Users can create their profiles and add friends just like other social networks. They can create public or private groups and have discussions with like-minded people while increasing your product’s reach. Users can also react and comment on posts and threads, giving answers and solutions to each other.

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Join Up

forum joinup theme
forum joinup theme mobile

JoinUp is one of the best WordPress forum themes built for all types of online communities. It comes with Elementor, a builder that gives you the freedom to drag and drop your elements onto your website.

JoinUp forums allow members to discuss with one another and share their experiences, reviews, and stories. There are plenty of pre-designed pages which fit your forum like a glove, and they’re customizable enough to let your brand flourish.

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forum beehive theme
forum beehive theme mobile

Beehive is a powerful WordPress theme with responsive design and amazing social templates. It’s got a one-click demo import, Elementor page builder, and unlimited color selection to help you make the forum of your dreams.

Beehive includes forum features such as user profiles, private chats, and group chats so your followers can connect with each other and communicate about the product. Additionally, they can post, comment, like, and share the threads they find helpful and subscribe to memberships.

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forum buddy theme
forum buddy theme mobile

Buddy is a multipurpose WordPress theme that can easily be used to create forums and social communities. It includes all the pre-built elements and pages you need to make a forum fun and engaging for all visitors.

With one-click installations, super-fast responsiveness, and plenty of shortcodes, Buddy is easy to use and fully customizable. It works with the most popular 3rd party plugins so that you can add even more features to your themes and websites.

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forum pocco theme
forum pocco theme mobile

Poco is a fantastic WordPress theme with drag & drop building functionality and an advanced theme customizer. It comes with pre-made home pages, single forum pages, and user profiles.

Poco has a responsive design with social media integration and advertisement options. It’s SEO friendly and has multilingual compatibility, so people will find it quickly and stick around to check out some reviews.

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forum metafans theme
forum metafans theme mobile

MetaFans is a great WordPress theme for networking and creating communities. It has a simple design with more than 50 pre-designed layouts and demos.

MetaFans has a great structure of discussions where members can ask and answer questions in specific forum channels. Your members can also discuss with one another through Instant Messenger, create a solid connection of loyal users, and rank up in levels and badges.

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forum helpguru theme
forum helpguru theme mobile

HelpGuru is a tremendous self-service knowledge base built to increase customer loyalty and allow customers to find the solution they’re looking for. It’s quickly customizable, allowing you to change the complete look with only a few clicks.

HelpGuru features Live Search, article feedback, article attachments, and widgets to display whatever you need on the website. It’s SEO optimized and looks great on all devices and screen sizes.

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Wrapping Up

Forums are an incredible way to increase your customer base and reward loyal followers and members. People like being attached to their products, so the more interactions and connections they have with the company and other users, the more they’ll spread the word. You can rest assured that your forum will be convenient and valuable no matter which theme you choose.

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