Best Free Drag-and-Drop WordPress Themes

Quick & Easy: 10 Best Drag-and-Drop WordPress Themes

Drag-and-drop WordPress themes are very convenient and practical, especially for people with little to no prior experience in coding. You could say that all you need for these themes are your mouse skills! Today, we will present you with the best drag-and-drop WordPress themes.

4 Advantages of Using a Drag-and-Drop WordPress Theme

You don’t need to know CSS and HTML – If you’ve never had anything to do with coding, drag-and-drop themes are the best for you. They do all the necessary background work while you move your mouse around and try different combinations.

Elements are grouped into blocks – If you find yourself using the same features for different parts of your website, you can group your elements into blocks and drag-and-drop them wherever you please.

They include advanced widgets – Elements and widgets in drag-and-drop WordPress themes are usually more advanced and flexible, so you won’t need to create new ones. Simply search for what you need and drop it onto your page.

They are mobile-friendly – With all the other features that come with them, drag-and-drop themes are also optimized for mobile use. Make any website you want, and your mobile visitors will see an adapted format that is just as quick and responsive.

Best Drag-and-Drop WordPress Themes

Here are ten of the best drag-and-drop WordPress themes chosen due to their excellent features, compatibility, and ease of use.


draganddrop kalium theme
draganddrop kalium theme mobile

Kalium is one of the highest-rated WordPress themes available, with high-speed performances and the most-wanted features on the market.

Don’t have any history of coding? Kalium’s page builder will help you create great websites in no time, simply drag and drop all your favorite elements and widgets onto your page. This functionality will be a lifesaver with unlimited styling options, diverse icons, and plenty of pre-made websites.

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draganddrop qwery theme
draganddrop qwery theme mobile

Qwery is a great WordPress theme with drag-and-drop functionality, giving you plenty of options to design your website whichever way you want. It comes with more than 60 pre-made websites which can be installed in a matter of minutes, with no coding experience required.

Some of its features include WooCommerce, Elementor Page Builder, and Color Customization. These features support the drag-and-drop process making it easier to design a website that will catch every visitor’s eye.

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draganddrop brisk theme
draganddrop brisk theme mobile

Brisk is one of the best drag-and-drop WordPress themes, with more than 30 demo layouts and 120 widgets. The 200 design elements will help you build any website you can imagine in no time.

The drag-and-drop popup builder includes advanced triggers, display rules, and customizing and positioning. No knowledge of coding? No need to worry! These Brisk features are easy to use, and you don’t need any coding background to make some of the most impressive websites ever.

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draganddrop jupiter theme
draganddrop jupiter theme mobile

Jupiter is one of the most used WordPress themes for businesses and corporations. It includes exclusive WooCommerce features and customization styles to help you create an attractive website.

Jupiter includes a built-in drag-and-drop tool to make more flexible website designs. The functionality also allows you to utilize the 270 widgets and elements and 450 pre-made websites without any past knowledge of coding.

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draganddrop aurum theme
draganddrop aurum theme mobile

Aurum is a powerful and minimalist WordPress theme used for boutiques, bookshops, and jewelry stores. With offered plugins such as WPBakery, Slider Revolution, Layer Slider, and Mega Menu, your website will be super fast and marvelous to look at.

The drag-and-drop function will help you place the numerous elements and widgets onto your website or a pre-made one. Creating a pleasant and interactive website with Aurum is easy, even if you have no coding skills.

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draganddrop avada theme
draganddrop avada theme mobile

Avada is one of the top-sellers of WordPress themes, with high performances and some of the best design options available. It includes a wide array of features and plugins, so your website can be one of the best around.

Avada has a powerful drag-and-drop functionality brought to life by the Advanced Options Network. Having 86 pre-built websites and more than 120 design elements, widgets, and page layouts will make the drag-and-drop process even more useful.

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draganddrop betheme theme
draganddrop betheme theme mobile

BeTheme is one of the fastest WordPress themes around. With handy options such as flexible positioning, responsive editing, and in-line editing, your websites will look fantastic on all devices.

BeTheme has four dedicated drag-and-drop builders used to design your headers, sections, and elements with your eyes closed. Additionally, you’ll have more than 650 beautiful pre-made websites and plenty of widgets compatible with the drag-and-drop functionality.

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The 7

draganddrop the7 theme
draganddrop the7 theme mobile

The 7 is a creative and easily customizable WordPress theme. It’s fully compatible with all types of Elementor, WooCommerce, and Gutenberg, giving you the ability to create the website of your dreams.

With Visual Editing and Wizard, you’ll be able to drag and drop countless theme options and elements onto more than 40 pre-made websites. The 7 makes creating sites very intuitive and quick, all the while giving your pages an extraordinarily professional look.

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draganddrop divi theme
draganddrop divi theme mobile

Divi is a versatile and beautiful WordPress theme, with its many advanced visual building options and responsive editing.

Divi has a clever and original drag-and-drop functionality, giving you the ability to add, remove, and move elements around your website with no real coding skills. Drag-and-drop comes in real handy when you realize that Divi has more than 40 elements to work with and more than 800 pre-made designs. You’ll have complete control over how your website looks, and your visitors will have a hard time leaving.

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Phlox Pro

draganddrop phloxpro theme
draganddrop phloxpro theme mobile

Phlox Pro is one of the most flexible WordPress themes on this list, used for businesses, shops, restaurants, and beauty & health products. Its most significant feature is the optimization for Elementor, giving you all the design options you seek.

Due to this compatibility with Elementor, the drag-and-drop functionality utilizes the power of Elementor Page Builder, Elementor Pack plugin, and WordPress live customization and gives you full access to how your website looks. You’ll be making great-looking pages with no hassle at all and in minutes.

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The Bottom Line

There’s little chance you’ll have time to code a website from the ground up in this day and age, especially if you don’t have any coding experience. Drag-and-drop WordPress themes make it possible to create good-looking and engaging websites with a few simple swipes and clicks. With this functionality, you won’t be stressed out, and your website will show your visitors the best of your brand, business, or portfolio.

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