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Top 10 WP Free Admin Templates for a Better Backend Experience

WordPress admin dashboards are one of the essential parts of a WordPress website. That’s where everything happens, from creating new pages to changing themes and making new websites in just a few clicks. While the built-in dashboard offers some critical functionalities, it is pretty dull and ineffective in some areas. Lucky for us, WordPress Admin themes are here to save the day.

Today, we save you time and energy and present you with the best free admin templates for WordPress.


What is a WordPress Admin Theme?

WordPress Admin themes are dashboard plugins used to personalize a developer’s back-end experience. WordPress websites and themes are highly customizable on the front-end by default, but they offer hardly any options to customize the back-end. Hence, developers utilize admin themes to add more to their craft.

Installing an admin dashboard plugin gives you more ways to customize everything on it, from sidebars to features and functionalities, in whichever way you need them. This bonus option lets you make the dashboard more valuable and interactive while maintaining good looks and a very pleasant experience for you and your clients.


Top 10 Free Admin Templates for WordPress

We’ve listed below ten of the best free admin templates available based on their features, ease of use, and customization abilities.



freeadmintemplates azia theme
freeadmintemplates azia theme mobile

Azia is a free admin template built with Bootstrap 4, with a modern and minimal design. It has numerous UI components and ready-made pages for you to start developing without a headache.

Azia is SASS and jQuery powered and has a fully responsive layout and ten pre-built dashboard templates. It contains charts, elements, tables, dropdown menus, and log-in pages, which you can use to make your admin panel more extensive and better equipped.

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Connect Plus

freeadmintemplates connectplus theme
freeadmintemplates connectplus theme mobile

Connect Plus is a WordPress admin template–free of charge, with an elegantly crafted admin panel. It features many components and elements needed to create a practical dashboard.

This template is super fast and adaptive, making it available across all devices and browsers. Furthermore, Connect Plus simplifies your data representation and visualization process with five pre-built user pages. With all the icons and fonts within it, customizing with Connect Plus will be a breeze.

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Nice Admin

freeadmintemplates niceadmin theme
freeadmintemplates niceadmin theme mobile

Nice Admin is a great dashboard template with minimal design and a fantastic user experience. It’s built based on the CSS framework Bootstrap 4 and comes with a seamless design to consistently portray your back-end applications and products.

Other features of Nice Admin include more than 500 UI components, table designs, chart options, gallery options, 2000 and counting font icons, and unlimited colors. With more than three pre-made dashboards, your work will go smoothly and quickly. With Nice Admin, you’re definitely getting a nice admin panel.

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Neon (Premium)

Neon Admin Template
bootstrap neon theme mobile

If you’re a developer looking for an admin dashboard that is developer-friendly, rich with features, and highly customizable look no further than Neon. It is a flat admin template for multi-purpose usage built with Bootstrap. It contains more than 112 HTML files which offer you a great variety of layout options and resources.

Cleanly coded, stable, reliable, and most importantly very flexible. Lots of examples well documented and very strong implemented, clean code … etc, this theme pays itself because after the first hour of work you’ll be able to build whatever application you want with very little hassle.

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freeadmintemplates tabler theme
freeadmintemplates tabler theme mobile

Tabler is a free HTML admin panel with heaps of features and components to make your life easier. It’s responsive with a high-quality UI and has clear code to speed up your work.

With plenty of layouts, elements, and 20 pages, your dashboard can be designed with any color and style you want. The template works well in all browsers and uses HTML5 and CSS3 with subtle animations to make your websites stand out. Tabler will bring clients to your table, and they will ask for more of your beautiful designs.

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freeadmintemplates skydash theme
freeadmintemplates skydash theme mobile

SkyDash is another Bootstrap admin theme diligently crafted to offer the best experience for both developers and users. It’s a straightforward template filled with all the features you need.

SkyDash works with all browsers and is very responsive, with easy code and plenty of tools that make it great to work with. It’s an information-packed dashboard with everything you need to personalize your panel.

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freeadmintemplates argon theme
freeadmintemplates argon theme mobile

Argon is an intuitive, adaptive, and easy-to-customize dashboard template. It has many detailed features and tools to help your creation come to fruition expertly.

Argon includes 70 individual components that can be combined, stylized, and colored in whatever way you need them. The developing process with Argon is quick and seamless, giving you some of the best admin panels around.

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Xenon (Premium)

Neon Admin Template
bootstrap neon theme mobile

Xenon – is a lightweight responsive admin theme built with Bootstrap and contains plenty of UI components, layout variants and theme skins which make a total of 136 HTML files, it has a good organization of files, clean coding and can be easy expanded.

It’s built with LESS preprocessor of CSS which allows you to create your very personal version of Xenon by including only the components you need in one file.

Additionally, Xenon also offered as a JavaScript framework called AngularJS, for all developers who want to bootstrap their projects with ready-to-use services, controllers, routes and other components.

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freeadmintemplates volt theme
freeadmintemplates volt theme mobile

Volt is an open-source admin theme built with Bootstrap 5. It’s professionally designed, responsive, and has a flawless workflow, all the things you need to have a personalized admin panel.

With Volt, you’ll get more than 100 components and elements such as buttons, modals, alerts, and date pickers, all available for the developer in you. Additionally, you’ll get 11 example pages ranging from the overview page to the sign-in page for you to start up as soon as possible.

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Star Admin 2

freeadmintemplates startadmin2 theme
freeadmintemplates startadmin2 theme mobile

Star Admin 2 is an excellent admin template with a graceful design and wonderful code. It’s ultra adaptive and responsive, making it feel smooth on all devices and browsers.

With Star Admin 2, you get more than 180 HTML pre-built pages and five skins, all utilized to make your developing process faster and without hassles. You’ll also have a vast number of components and form elements that’ll go well with all the themes and layouts available. Nothing will be missing from your admin panel, and you’ll definitely feel like a star!

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Core UI

freeadmintemplates coreui theme
freeadmintemplates coreui theme mobile

Core UI is an open-source admin dashboard template with modern, responsive, and good-looking panels. It’s built based on the UI Components Library, so you won’t need any past designing experience to use Core UI.

It has a lot of widgets and components that are ready to use, reducing your development time and giving you a chance to focus on other essential things. These components are also mobile-adaptive and compatible with all existing browsers. With Core UI, you’ll get to the core of what you need quickly and without any troubles.

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freeadmintemplates mazer theme
freeadmintemplates mazer theme mobile

Mazer is a responsive dashboard template built with Bootstrap 5, with a clean and minimal design. It’s optimized across all devices and browsers so that you can work from anywhere without any hassles.

The dashboard’s interface contains all the features you need from an admin panel, such as tables, charts, to-do lists, Google Maps, and authentication pages. The admin template also has four different layouts, pre-built error pages, and an extensive pack of fonts— all included to make your developing experience pleasant and easy. With Mazer, you’ll get out of the maze in no time.

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To Wrap Up

An admin dashboard is a vital tool to prepare your website or theme for visitors and clients, giving them an experience that’ll make them ask for more. But, the developers’ experience is also crucial, and dashboard customization helps in giving developers more control of their craft. Choosing a suitable admin theme is easy because they’re all great in their ways, and you’ll make no mistake with whichever one you pick.

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