10 Best HubSpot Themes and Templates

11 Best HubSpot Themes and Templates to Build Your Website

People have already begun to spend most of their waking hours online and browsing the internet. As you scan and skim websites throughout the day, you probably stick around those that feel responsive and contain the information you’re seeking. Creating sites that stand out and provide a pleasant user experience has become a crucial part of a company’s success, and finding ways to achieve that is not always easy.

Fortunately, many platforms have been built for these exact reasons, and one of those is HubSpot.


What is HubSpot?

Hubspot is a software platform specializing in helping businesses implement inbound marketing and increase sales. Of all the tools used by Hubspot to make this magic happen, the Hubspot CMS Hub deals with building, hosting, and optimizing websites. Similar to other website builders like Webflow, the CMS Hub allows developers and designers to create websites either from scratch or with the help of templates and themes.


HubSpot Themes vs. Templates: What’s the difference?

A HubSpot theme is a collection of templates, modules, and styles that can be mixed and matched to build websites. HubSpot theme settings allow creators to customize all the templates they use from a central admin panel so they can manage their website’s content without the need for a developer.

On the other hand, a HubSpot CMS template is a set of pre-built homepages, landing pages, about pages, and blog layouts, meant to help people set up specific pages without too much of a hassle. Because these templates are already made, editing capabilities are comparably less than those of themes.


Benefits of Using HubSpot Themes

There are plenty of reasons to put HubSpot themes in use for your website, with some of those listed below:

You need zero coding skills – Most of the things you’ll use in Hubspot are coded and prepared by developers, so you’ll only need to drag and drop the elements you like on your webpage.

They are easy to customize – Since Hubspot themes contain so many settings and styles, customization possibilities are endless.

They are high-quality themes – Hubspot themes not only look fantastic, they’re super-fast, secure, and stable, boosting your website to the top of your competition.


Top 11 HubSpot Website Templates and Themes

Based on the features and functions they provide, we’ve picked some of the best HubSpot CMS themes and website templates to help you find the one that fulfills all your requirements.



hubspot softek theme
hubspot softek theme mobile

Softek is a HubSpot theme built for software developers, IT services, and app designers. This theme includes templates and system pages that, when put together, help create a complete and responsive website.

Softek also provides banners, sections, FAQs, footers, pricing tables, and progress bars that make the user experience interactive and keep visitors interested.

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hubspot bomby theme
hubspot bomby theme mobile

Bomby is a fantastic HubSpot theme used by companies and agencies working and operating in different industries. It’s very responsive and adaptable to all devices.

Bomby includes large numbers of templates, modules, and system pages that give users everything they need to apply their creativity. Home pages, landing pages, banners, buttons, membership pages, and plenty of other detailed elements make Bomby a superb theme option.

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hubspot power theme
hubspot power theme mobile

Power is a multipurpose HubSpot theme with professional design and flexible customization. It supports translation to multiple languages and has a responsive design across all screen sizes.

With Power, you get more than 40 templates and modules capable of fulfilling any company’s requirements for a good website. With image and video backgrounds, beautiful layouts, and detailed elements, your website will have all the perks to make visitors stay longer and have an excellent time.

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hubspot suga theme
hubspot suga theme mobile

Suga is a wonderful blogging theme with a fresh design and organized layout. It’s easy to use and includes fonts and images that will catch the eye of any visitor.

With Suga, you can categorize your content into different sections and highlight important information. The theme also includes three page templates for home, contact information, and landing pages, alongside subscription, search results, and error pages.

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hubspot melinda theme
hubspot melinda theme mobile

If you need a theme for your agency, company, or startup, Melinda is more than a good choice. With its modern and responsive design, copyright-free images, and fonts, Melinda will be a significant part of your company’s success.

It includes 25 page templates, including home, landing, services, our history, and contact pages. Moreover, the extensive list of modules will undoubtedly give your web pages the boost they need to feel complete. With Melinda, you’ll never run out of customization options.

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hubspot givest theme
hubspot givest theme mobile

Givest provides all the necessary tools to organizations that want to reach out to many people and raise awareness for a specific cause. This theme offers a modern and simple design that gives total attention to the supported cause.

Givest features super-fast speeds and a clean code supported on all devices. With more than enough templates, modules, and system pages, Givest has a bit of something for everything required to make a website nice and easy to use.

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hubspot neonal theme
hubspot neonal theme mobile

Neonal is a pharmaceutical and medical services HubSpot theme used by hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare companies. Its tools and fantastic design will convince all clients of your quality and professionalism.

Neonal includes highly customizable templates and modules that work perfectly for service pages, appointment forms and buttons, working hours, memberships, and subscriptions. With this theme, you’ll also have a page to showcase your team of professional doctors and nurses.

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hubspot linoor theme
hubspot linoor theme mobile

As a web design and digital marketing theme, Linoor offers its users helpful tools and high-quality design for great digital services websites.

Linoor features nine page templates, blog layouts, and system pages that work together to bring thorough websites to life. Your visitors will feel involved and up-to-date with your company with email subscription forms, projects pages, and blog posts.

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hubspot induscity theme
hubspot induscity theme mobile

Manufacturing companies also need help to promote their products and services, and there are not many better options than Induscity’s HubSpot theme. Creating websites for engineering, construction, petroleum, and commodity businesses, this theme offers all the functionalities necessary to boost the number of clients and sales.

Like most other HubSpot themes, Induscity features templates, blogs, and system pages prepared and ready for immediate use. With a broad list of 31 modules, you’ll have elements for lists, images, menus, information, and contact forms.

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hubspot elements theme
hubspot elements theme mobile

Elements is one of the most used HubSpot themes, and for good reasons: it’s got an exceptional design and a plethora of features and functionalities. Each element in this theme is customizable and responsive on all devices.

Elements has a whopping 46 page templates for every single thing a complete website requires: home pages, landing pages, blogs, case studies, pricing tables, video pages, among others. All of these take full advantage of HubSpot’s CMS and are crafted by a fantastic team of experts.

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hubspot viasun theme
hubspot viasun theme mobile

Viasun is an excellent theme for beauty products, taking the power of HubSpot and using it for a well-designed and consistent brand experience. It’s super fast and responsive, with frequent updates and superb customer support.

It provides ten templates for all the important stuff a website needs. Icons, fonts, and other essential elements are also included, helping you build a tremendous online presence.

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Final Thoughts

Nothing compares to a smooth website that gives you exactly what you need. Thankfully, due to HubSpot’s powerful functionalities and high-quality products, we’ve seen these websites more and more.

Whatever industry your company is in, it will always benefit from satisfying design and helpful elements, all provided by the themes listed above. We’re confident that whichever one you pick will elevate your online traffic and increase your profit.

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